A New Year.

disability awareness 14 2

Disability awareness October 2014 at Cubs

disability awareness 3 14

Disability Awareness at Cubs

cubs making poppies nov 14

Making Poppies at St Peter’s WW1 Remembrance Day acitvities

cubs examining medals nov 14

Finding out about medals at the WW1 activity day

There will be loads of fun activities coming up for the Beavers, Cubs and Scouts sections. These will include pantomines, camps, sleepovers and for some the PGL camp.

Here are some pictures of some of the activities we’ve been getting up to lately. There are more pictures in the Gallery Section.

search and rescue visit nov 14

Seach and Rescue Visit November 2014

remembrance 14

Rememberance Parade November 2014

games cub camp nov 14

Fun and Games at Cub Camp November 2014